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Epic Judy Drop!

Hey choom! You know how it is down here in NC! We watch each others's backs! And we all know that Judy leaves that special spot on our gonk hearts whether we identify as he or she in the world that CDPR created! So here's the first installment of our EJD series (Epic Judy Drop) that features a set of 12 painstakingly curated and custom captures of Judy Alvarez in action or just being herself, a cool techie in her element! To download on your phone, please follow the steps below: • Tap and expand the one image that you wish to download • Tap and hold until image options appear (Open in new Tab, "Save Image as" then choose a destination folder.) • Save to your mobile directory and that's it! We'll be doing a follow-up post for desktop versions soon! #Cyberpunk2077#CDProjektRed#NightCity

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